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Some iPhone and iPad apps – Google Earth for example – are available as free downloads in the iTunes Apps store but you need a US based Apple ID (associated with a credit card) to install them on to your device.

There’s however an easy workaround to the problem – just sign-out of your existing account, create another Apple ID and set ‘none’ as the payment method (assuming that you don’t have a U.S. based credit card). You’ll now be able to download US apps with the new Apple ID without requiring a credit card.

The ‘none’ payment option is not available in my iTunes

When you are creating a new Apple ID for downloading U.S. specific apps, it may happen that the ‘none’ option is missing on your Payments screen (see the screenshot above). How do you then create an Apple ID without a credit card?

Well, there are two ways to create Apple IDs inside iTunes. You can either go to Store – > Create Account or simply download an app and iTunes will prompt you to create an Apple ID. The ‘none’ option for payment will only become available if you take the latter route.

To quickly recap, you need

to follow these easy steps to create an Apple ID with a U.S. address but without requiring a credit card:

1. Launch iTunes and switch to the iTunes store. Make sure you are not logged in.
2. Scroll to the bottom and change your country to United States.
3. Next go to App store and download any of the free apps.

iTunes will now prompt you to create a new Apple account and this time, you’ll definitely see the ‘none’ option on the Payments screen.

Video: Create Apple ID without Credit Card

Thanks Mahendra for the tip.