There are tons of free software applications and browser extensions that allow you to capture screenshots of web pages in one click. For instance, Firefox users can grab the excellent Firefox add-on while Windows users can try something like SnagIt or even the Snipping tool that comes preloaded with Windows Vista.

The only issue with these applications is that they require installation and they may not work with every web browser. For instance, SnagIt can have trouble capturing long web pages in Opera while Fireshot will only work with web pages that are viewed in Firefox so you would need a separate screen capture solution for pages that are opened inside Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Well, not anymore.

Aviary, which is a suite of free online image editing tools, has released a new web based screen capture service that lets you “shoot” pages without installing or downloading anything.

Just open the web page that you want to capture, go to the address bar of the browser and type "" just before the http:// part of the URL.

For instance, if you are trying to capture the Google homepage at, the new URL will become – hit Enter and there you have an editable screenshot image of Google in the browser. You can save the image to the desktop or add annotations using the Type Tool.