google employees relaxHere are some interesting statistics (and hints) about different Google products from the Google Analyst Day 2007:

  • The upcoming version of Gmail will pre-fetch all email messages on the page, so your emails load instantly. [Gmail Offline ?]
  • Google Docs traffic has more than doubled by adding a “Open in Google Docs” link to email with attachments in Gmail.
  • YouTube has 8 hours of video uploaded every single minute.
  • iGoogle indexes 200,000 feeds and 20,000 gadgets.
  • A new feature in Google Docs will allow you to search and collect data right inside the spreadsheet.
  • YouTube Streams – basically you get a collection of videos, with a related chat box; you can also do search and add videos to the stream. This could be like Meebo.

Full report at Barron’s. Thanks Steve.