Google has launched a new initiative called Go Mo (short for Go Mobile) and the mission is to convince webmasters to create a mobile-friendly version of their website.

Sure, a desktop-optimized website should load just fine on a mobile screen but the user expectations are often different when they are viewing your site on a small screen and if you serve them that same heavy site, some of them may jump elsewhere.

Is your mobile website really mobile-friendly?

The GoMo project website also has something of utility for webmasters who already have a mobile website – the GoMo Meter.

This online tool will give you an idea of how your mobile site may actually look like on a smart phone, what is the average loading time and it also generates a detailed report on what you can do to make your mobile site even more mobile-friendly.

The GoMoMeter will test your mobile site against an Android phone but there are other online tools to help you test your website on a much wider range of mobile phones.