Google Drive lets you share files and folder with specific contacts or you can make them public and anyone on the Internet can view your Drive files. Sharing also prevents you from clogging someone else’s mailbox. For instance, if you are to send a large file, you can upload the file to Google Drive and share the link instead of send it as an email attachment.

If you have been using the sharing feature of Google Docs and Google Drive for some time, you may have quite a number of files and folders in the Drive that are accessible to other users on your Google Apps domain or on the pubic Internet. Would you like to know which files in your Drive are shared with other users and what kind of access permissions they have on your files?

Who Can View or Edit your Drive Files?

The sharing details for filess are not easily accessible in Google Drive but a Google script can scan your Google Drive and prepare a list of all files that have ever been shared from your Google Drive.

Google Drive - File Privacy Report

The Drive Privacy script is available in free and premium editions. The premium version, shown above, scans your entire Google Drive and prepares a detailed report of all files and folders. You’ll get to know who has access to your files, the kind of permissions they have, when a file was last modified, where it is located in Google Drive and more.

Features Free Premium
Supports Gmail & Google Apps Yes Yes
Number of files scanned ~200 Entire Google Drive
Reporting Format Sent in an email Saved in a Google Spreadsheet
Data included in the report Basic file details All known details about the file
Installation Manual (PDF) included No Yes
Support options None Email
Choose Edition Forever Free Premium
Platinum includes all features of Premium plus one-on-one support over Skype, Google Hangouts and remote screen sharing Platinum
You may make payments through PayPal or your credit and debit cards. Refunds can only be requested within 12 hours of purchase.

Google Drive – File Permissions Report

To get started with the free edition, click here to copy the Google Script in your own Google Drive. Then choose the Run menu and select Start to run the Google Script.

The script will ask for authorization since it needs to check the sharing permissions of the files in your Google Drive. It is an open-source Google Script that runs inside your Drive and not a single byte of your data is shared outside your account. Click Authorize and wait while the script executes.

It will take 2-3 minutes to complete and you’ll get an email message with a list of shared files that were found in your Google Drive. The privacy report, see screenshot below, will have links to the shared files and also a list of users who can view or edit that particular file. If a file can be viewed by anyone, the user will be mentioned as Public.

Google Drive - File Sharing Permissions

Bonus tip: Did you know that you can set an auto-expiry date for your shared links in Google Drive. The shared link will automatically stop working after a certain date or time set by you.