Twitter TipsIf you enable location in Twitter, your current geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) are added to your tweets.

You may not want to share the exact location of your house in a public tweet for obvious reasons but if you are visiting a new place or attending a local event, these “geo-tagged” tweets can help you quickly find other Twitter users who maybe located in a particular region.

Find Twitter Users Nearby

There are at least three popular services that can help you find local Twitter users and, if you are concerned about your own privacy, the good part is that you can use these service even without sharing your own location.

1. Twitter Maps on Bing

Twitter on Bing Maps

The first service that you may want to explore is Twitter Maps available on the Bing Maps website. You need to switch to the US edition of Bing Maps in order to install the Twitter Maps app but the service can then be used to discover Twitter users in any part of the world.

You can zoom-in to any location on the map using the mouse or you can directly type the street address /landmark in the location box. You need to click the “twitter pushpins” in order to see the underlying tweets.

2. Twitter Search with Location

Location Search in Twitter

The advanced search feature of Twitter has excellent support for location. Just add the city name, street or zip code (if you are in the US) to the “near:” search operator and Twitter will show a nice list of Tweets that have been made from that area.

For instance, the query near:lahore within:10km will show you are list of Lahore, Pakistan based Twitter users. You can increase the value of the “within” parameter from 10km to say 50km to include users based in nearby towns and villages.

3. Streamdin – Twitter Users on Google Maps

Twitter on Google Maps is a proper web-based Twitter client that can also help you find Twitter users by location (see demo). In fact, it’s a lot like the Twitter App on Bing Maps except that now the Twitter users location is plotted on Google Maps instead of Bing Maps.

You can hover your mouse over the avatars to know what they the said while they were there, when they said it, and how long ago they posted it.

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