Imagine if you could open websites like Techmeme or New York Times or password protected WSJ in write-mode and change text or images at will as if you were editing some open wiki.

edit web pages

Well that’s quite possible through Edit Current Website – a bookmarklet that helps you change content of any web page live inside the browser – no need to install extensions like Firebug or learning HTML.

Edit current website – Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar

The moment you press the Edit Website button from the bookmarks toolbar, the web page you are currently reading turns into an editable document – you can then edit text, move around images on the page or even remove them completely.

Edit Websites - Animation

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Though the edits are temporary and disappear the moment your reload that page, the feature is handy if you are printing web pages or even for making fake screenshots.

TechZilo has a more extensive list of useful bookmarklets for web designers.

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