Deep Linking

Citebite is a useful web service that lets you link directly to any specific paragraph or line of text on a web page. Such a tool can come really handy while sharing web pages that are extremely long as you can easily get people to focus their attention on any particular portion of that page without having to use Ctrl+F.

To give you an example, here’s long Businessweek article on the Tech bubble that spans across several pages but with Citebite, you can quickly “deep link” to an interesting part of that web page where the writer talks about Zynga – see example.

You can use the Citebite tool in three different ways – there’s an extension for Firefox, there’s a bookmarklet if you are using a different browser like Chrome or IE and then you can also create deep links to pages from the Citebite website itself.

Internally, Citebite creates an exact copy of a web page, that you are linking to, on its own servers so even if the original source is down or has changed, your old citations will still work. Also, these annotated pages won’t be visible in search results as search engines are completely blocked from crawling or indexing them.

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