Gmail includes an easy-to-use mail forwarding option that you can use to auto-forward incoming messages from Gmail to another email address. You define a rule (or filter) and any incoming mail that matches that filter is automatically forwarded to another email address.

Gmail does however impose some restrictions around auto-forwarding message. They are:

  1. You cannot auto-forward your old email messages. For instance, if you have a bunch of old emails that you would like to send to your Evernote account for archiving, you’ll have to manually forward them one-by-one as auto-forward only works for new & incoming messages.
  2. You cannot auto-forward mails to a non-verified email address. When you set up auto-forward in Gmail, it sends a verification mail to the other email address and you can only forward messages to that account after clicking verification link. You thus cannot setup a rule in Gmail to auto-forward messages to an email address that you do not own.

Gmail Auto-Forward with Google Scripts

If you would like to auto-forward your Gmail messages, including the older emails, to any another email address without verification, Google Script can help.

The idea is simple. You set up a Google Script that will monitor messages inside one or more labels in Gmail and as soon as it finds an email message, it will auto-forward that mail to another email address. You only need to configure the script once and it then runs in the background automatically.

Gmail Auto Forward

How to Setup Email Forwarding in Gmail

  1. Create a copy of this Google Sheet in your Google Drive and fill-in the columns A and B. You should put valid Gmail Labels in column A and the corresponding auto-forward email addresses in column B.
  2. From the Gmail Forward menu in the Google Sheet, choose Initialize and allow the script to access your Gmail account.
  3. Go to Gmail Forward menu again and choose the Start option to start the auto-forward script. You can now close your Google sheet and it will magically auto-forward your Gmail messages that are found inside those folders (or labels).

Once a message has been forwarded, a new label called forwarded is applied to the Gmail thread to indicate that the message has been processed by the auto-forward script.

Also, if you wish to disable auto-forwarding anytime later, open the same Google Sheet in your Google Drive and choose Uninstall from the Gmail Forward menu.

Gmail Auto-Forward Script – Premium

The premium edition of the Gmail auto-forward script (see PDF Manual) includes additional features like:

  • The forwarded messages include the sender’s name, email address, the recipient’s address and the date when that message was originally received.
  • All the file attachments and inline images are also included in the forwarded messages.
  • You can configure up to 10 labels and auto-forward email address in the Premium edition.
  • You can also opt for one-on-one premium support via email, Skype or Google Hangouts.

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Please do note that mails forwarded through Google Docs will still count towards your Gmail’s daily sending limit which is around 100 messages per day.