The prices of products listed on online shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart vary every single day and here’s a simple Google Docs based solution to help you keep track of these price fluctuations via email. You can put the items you wish to buy in a Google Spreadsheet and if Amazon is offering some discount on one of your tracked products, you would get an email alert and thus never miss that deal again.

Amazon Price Tracker

Get daily price updates for your favorite products via email (see sample)

Track Amazon Prices with Google Docs

The price tracker is easy to configure. All you have to do is add the URLs of products that you wish to track inside a Google Spreadsheet. The tool can track prices of all products listed on various Amazon websites – all Amazon.* country domains are supported. Remember to put the URLs of the product pages and not search pages or category pages from the Amazon website.

Here’s how you can setup the price tracker inside your Google Docs:

  1. Open the Amazon Price Tracker Google Sheet and enter one or more URLs of product pages from Amazon in column B. The sheet has some product URLs to get you started.
  2. From the Price Tracker menu, choose the Initialize option and say “Accept” when asked for authorization. The script is open-source and no one else will have access to any of your data.
  3. Go to the Price Tracker menu again and this time choose the Start Tracking option. Price tracking is now active and you may close the Google Sheet.
Price Tracker - Google Sheet

Add products to this Google Sheet to begin tracking their prices

You’ll get an email within a minute or two listing the current prices of the products that you have added in the Google Sheet. The sheet will then send you a daily digest (see sample email) of the product prices with visual hints on how the prices have changed since the last update.

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Also, you can add new Amazon URLs, or delete existing products, from the Google sheet and the script will automatically pick the changes in the next run. And if you ever wish to stop receiving those email alerts, just choose the Stop Tracking option from the Price Tracker menu in the same Google sheet.

Internally, the Google Script uses Amazon’s Product Advertising API to fetch the latest prices of Amazon products while in the case of Flipkart, the prices are extracted from the Meta and Open Graph tags of their pages. The tool cannot track prices of Kindle ebooks since Amazon’s API doesn’t offer pricing information for Kindle titles via their API.