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Thank you for your interest in writing for Digital Inspiration, an award winning technology site that also ranks among the top 200 blogs on Technorati (out of 110+ million blogs).

What can I write about?

We are looking for original and well-written articles on topics related computer software, web applications, personal technology and consumer gadgets. You can also contribute video tutorials, hacks and in-depth reviews of new software applications that make people feel more productive.

Please browse the archives or read our popular software guides section to get an idea of the kind of stories that we publish here at DI.

What do I get in return?

Digital Inspiration can be a great place to share ideas and opinions on technology related topics with the world. The site gets over 2.5 million page view per month and over 62,000 people are subscribed to our site via feeds.

As a guest author, you will not be paid for your submission but we will publish your two line bio with the story along with an hyperlink to your website (see example).

How do I submit an article?

You can send us your articles via email or, if the article includes attachments (like screenshot image), upload all the files to drop.io and send the link via email at amit@labnol.org.

All contributions will be reviewed by the editor and content that matches (or exceeds) the site’s existing standards will be promoted on the main blog.

Should I send a proposal first?

We may not access every submission and it is therefore recommended that you send us a brief outline of what you plan to write so that you don’t spend time writing about stuff that has already been covered or is not suitable for publishing on the site.

Important guidelines

Before your submit an article, please note that:

  • The content must be original and cannot be republished elsewhere on the web.
  • Your articles may be edited prior to publishing.
  • If you use an image or quote text from another source, always give full credit with an hyperlink. Never attempt to rehash someone else’s content or idea.
  • While there’s no such thing as “optimal” word length as it may vary depending upon the topic, guest posts should have at least 300 words or more.
  • Include screenshots with your articles and each image should include a caption. Use the PNG format for screenshots and they should be 540 pixels wide.
  • Do not publish negative reviews – if you think a product has no good features, better not write about that product on the blog.
  • As far as possible, write evergreen content and avoid using too much jargon.
  • If you are planning to cover news that is already well known on the Internet, add thoughtful analysis to your story or explore it from an angle that other publications may have missed.

Got questions?

As a guest writer, you won’t be paid for your contributions but this opportunity can help get more exposure for your blog or your brand on the Internet. All guest articles will include a brief bio of the author and a link to his or her website for some extra publicity.

If you any questions, please email the editor at amit@labnol.org.

Become a Paid Author

Digital Inspiration is also looking for computer enthusiasts who can regularly cover topics related to software, web applications, consumer gadgets and new media.

If you are interested in joining Digital Inspiration as a paid writer, send us some of your writing samples or links to your previously published work. Also write a little bit about your background, a list of topics that you want to cover and how often can you contribute to the site.

All regular writers will be paid via PayPal or online bank transfer.

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