Twitter Bots Actions - What Can Bots Do?

Twitter offers a rich API allowing applications to perform nearly every action with bots that can be done on the Twitter website.  Here are a list of actions that you can perform with Twitter bots and some possible use cases.

Bots Action

Action Description

Notes / Use Case

Send Public Reply

Auto reply to tweets that contain particular words or match a certain criteria

If a tweet includes your brand mention, you can send a canned auto response to the Twitter user.

Send Private DM

Send a Direct Message to people who have tweeted on certain topic

You can send DMs to people who follow you or those have chosen to accept DMs from everyone.

Retweet Tweet

Retweets a public tweet

It is similar to hitting the retweet button against a tweet on the Twitter website or mobile app.

Favorite Tweet

Favorite a public tweet

Twitter policy team has requested us to remove the auto-favorite feature from bot.

Quote Tweet

Retweets a tweets but prefix the tweet with your own comment (RT + Comment)

If @user tweets “what is the color”, your bot can tweet “Blue RT @user what is the color” to give context to the reply.

Follow Tweeter

Follow Twitter users who have tweeted on specific topics

Auto follow twitter users who tweet about your brand or your favorite sports team.

Add Tweeter to List

Add Twitter the user to an existing list

Make a Twitter list of people who tweet about your brand. A list can have no more than 5000 members.

Follow Profile

Search Twitter profiles by full name, company name, location, or other criteria.

Auto Follow profile that match your criteria.

Add Profile to List

Add Twitter users to a List

Search Twitter profiles and add them to a list. For instance, you can build a list of all profiles that have your company name in the bio / description.

Follow Back

Follow someone who follows another user

If @user gets a new follower, follow back

DM Followers

Send a message to your new followers

You can DM anyone who follows your Twitter account.

Add Followers to List

Add followers of any user to a Twitter list

If @user follows @someone, automatically add them to your Twitter list

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