How to Track Clicks on Links inside Gmail Messages

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Link tracking helps you analyze how subscribers interact with your email campaigns. When you enable click tracking in a Mail Merge campaign, the Gmail add-on will watch how many email subscribers have clicked links in your email messages and which links were clicked.

Link Tracking will replace all links (or URLs) in your email message with new links that route through the Mail Merge tracking server. When an email recipient clicks a link, the web browser will connect to the mail merge server which will then instantly redirect the user to the original web page that the URL was pointing to.

Link tracking works for both rich-text HTML message and plain text emails.


Inside the Mail Merge sheet, go to Add-ons > Mail Merge, Configure and turn on “Track Link Clicks” option. You also need to specify a Campaign Name as described in the Email Open Tracking tutorial.

All hyperlinks (URLs) in your email messages, including links in your message signature (except the unsubscribe link) will be rewritten to be routed through Mail Merge servers.

How to View Click Reports in Mail Merge

Inside the Mail Merge menu, go to Campaign Reports > Open and Click Reports and select a campaign from the drop-down.


The summary report will show the number of times a subscriber clicked the links in your email while the detailed link tracking report will include information about who clicked the link, the date when a link was clicked, the IP address of the mail merge subscriber and the browser / OS.

If your reports do not show any clicks, make sure you have enabled “Link Tracking” while sending the mail merge campaign. Also, the URLs must begin with http:// or https:// for Mail Merge to track them.

Some mail merge users have reported that emails with link tracking are bounced as the recipient’s email server may be suspicious of the redirect URLs. Email spammers often use short URLs (like or or to hide the actual unsafe URLs and some email servers, therefore, block all servers that route through another server.

If your email campaign sent via merge are also triggering the spam filter, it may be best to disable link tracking as there’s no other way to bypass the spam filters of some servers.

Published in: Mail Merge for Gmail

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