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Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 26, 2011

youtube partner

Digital Inspiration is part of the YouTube Partner program and was recently featured on the Success Stories page. Excerpts:

When/why did you apply to the partner program?

My YouTube channel features short screencast-style videos to help people become more productive with software and web apps. I have been regularly uploading videos on YouTube since 2006 but applied for the YouTube Partner Program in September 2010, just after the cumulative view count for all my YouTube videos exceeded one million.

How has being a YouTube Partner helped your business or personal life?

Because I am a YouTube partner now, I can have a customized and more professional-looking page for my YouTube channel. This branding increases credibility and does help in converting ‘casual visitors’ into YouTube channel subscribers more easily.

Ever since I got accepted into the program, I have seen a steady increase in the number of channel subscribers and engagement level has gone up as well. YouTube adds contextual and relevant ads to my videos and thus I earn additional revenue based on a combination of impressions and clicks.

YouTube Partner program also brings additional revenue from video through Google AdSense.

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