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Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 7, 2007

1: DOCX Viewer: Read Word 2007 Docx Documents without Office 2007 – Looking for a free docx viewer ? Get it from Microsoft.

2: Microsoft Office 2007 File Formats – Prepare Yourself for Confusion

3: Upload Microsoft Office Files to Zoho Office

4: Read or Edit Online Office Documents Without Downloading Them

5: Create Family Tree Charts inside Microsoft Office

6: Remove hidden information from MS Office documents

7: Open .XLSX Spreadsheet Files Without Excel 2007 – View .XLXS files without purchasing a copy of Office Excel 2007.

8: Microsoft Releases Office 2003 SP3; Slipstream Your Installer CD – The Service Pack 3 for Microsoft Office 2003 includes all patches and updates released for Microsoft Office 2003 since SP2.

9: Microsoft Office 2007 Contacting Server For Information – When you try to copy paste some text from a web page to a Word 2007 document, the application freezes for few seconds and the message in status bar says "Contacting the server for Information. Press ESC to cancel."

10: Online Software Tutorials, Office Templates, Shock Photos from HP – Download readymade Business Templates for PowerPoint Presentations, Brochures, Business Cards, Newsletters, Letterheads and more.

11: Online File Viewer for PDF and Office Documents from Zoho – Zoho Viewer is a web based file viewer for PDF documents and Microsoft Office files like DOC, XLS and PPT.

12: Open Document Format add-in for Microsoft Office from Sun – Using the ODF Plug-in from Sun, Microsoft Office users can create, read or save documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Open Document Format (ODF) using the stand Microsoft Office programs.

13: Microsoft Office 2007 Subscription Inspired by Prepaid Phone Cards – Microsoft has come up with a unique model to sell their Office 2007 software in the developing world where most users cannot afford to pay the full cost of the software suite in one-go.

14: Open .docx Files Without Word 2007 or Convert Them to .doc Online – To convert .docx documents to .doc format, just download the free Microsoft Office compatibility Pack here.

15: Run Windows Vista, Office 2007 Together Without Installation – Microsoft today released a free combo VHD edition of Windows Vista and Office 2007 Professional which includes Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Word.

16: Upload and Save Microsoft Office Documents Online in One Click – offers a virtual file explorer for your uploaded documents, pictures and videos.

17: Replace Office 2007 Ribbon Interface with Office 2003 Style Classic Menus and Toolbar – ToolbarToggle allows you to work with Ribbon and old toolbars side-by-side.

18: The Missing Pages from Office 2007 and Windows Vista Manual 

19: Microsoft Office 2007 FAQ – Your Questions Answered – Can I read the files created in Word 2007 on older versions of Microsoft Word (like Word XP or Word 2000).

20: How to Embed Excel Spreadsheets in Web Pages or Blogs – Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive Excel add-ons to embed spreadsheet data into HTML web pages.

21: Find Free Training Material for Microsoft Office 2007 programs with Get Started Add-in – An Office Online interactive command mapping tool, also available on the Get Started tab, shows youwhere to find Word 2003 buttons and commands in Word 2007.

22: Windows Marketplace Selling Office 2007 and Windows Vista, Shipping Optional – Microsoft customers will soon be able to download Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista directly from the Windows Marketplace website without having to wait for the installation DVDs to arrive in their mail.

23: Microsoft Word Guru Regrets the Cute But Intrusive Office Assistant – We knew that we needed to make Word easier to use and the features more accessible to more people.

24: How to Find Office 2003 Commands in the Office 2007 Ribbon UI 

25: Change the Color Themes in Microsoft Office 2007 Programs – To change the color scheme in Office 2007, click the round MS Office button at the top left corner of any Office program and click options.

26: – Download Office 2007 Trial Software

27: Downloading Microsoft Office 2007 from TechPlus

28: Get Ready for Microsoft Office 2007 Without Upgrading Your Office 2003 Version

29: Download Save As PDF plugin for Microsoft Office 2007

30: Format Painter: Our Favorite Microsoft Office Feature

31: Convince Your Boss To Switch from Office 2003 to Office 2007

32: Count Frequency of any Word in a Microsoft Word Document

33: Microsoft Office Suite gets ODF support via plug-in

34: Integrate Google Search in Microsoft Office

35: Auto-Redact Microsoft Office files: Save yourself from embarrassment

36: Adding OpenDocument support in Microsoft Office

37: Slipstream Microsoft Office 2003 SP2

38: Determine Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack version

39: Replace find-and-replace with regular expressions in Microsoft Word

40: Removing confidential information from Word Documents

41: Free Clip Art and Templates – Download clipart for Microsoft Office Programs

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