Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

Samsung Mobiles recently introduced two new GSM mobile phones here – the Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) and Samsung Wave (S8500).

There are lot of features that are common between Wave and Galaxy S. For instance, both are powered by a 1GH processor (ARM Cortex A8), they have a 5 megapixel still camera and both support 720p HD video recording and playback.

There’re however some major differences as well. Samsung Galaxy S has a 4” screen while Wave is smaller with has a 3.3” display. Wave has a built-in Flash which is missing in Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S is powered by Google’s Android OS (it runs 2.1 Éclair version though the latest is 2.2 or Froyo) while Wave runs on BADA, Samsung’s own OS for mobile phones. Therefore you’ll have a wider selection of app for Galaxy as every app available in the Android Marketplace should ideally run on that phone.

The prices difference is huge. You can have a Samsung Wave for around 17k while the Android powered Galaxy S is around 28k in India.

Considering that some tech experts, who have reviewed the Galaxy S in detail, find it a worth alternative to the iPhone, it may be something worth exploring.

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