Advanced SEO Presentation – Webit Expo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 3, 2010

In this presentation, experienced SEO Rand Fishkin shares some unique techniques and ideas that you may incorporate in your SEO strategy. Key takeaways:

1. Buttons are more clickable than links. No surprise, really, yet so many big sites still not getting it.

2. Workaround for minimizing click depth and elevating deep pages:  link to a custom sitemap in your nav menu.

3. Create RSS feeds for the content you care most about getting indexed. Tweet those pages.

4. Measure unique pages and unique keywords receiving search referral traffic. Monitor number of visits sent from search over time for top keywords. This may help flag drops in rankings.

5. Focus on boosting keywords currently ranking on page 2 results. Just a few more links, or on-page optimization, will likely bump you to page 1, which will mean lots more traffic.

A video recording of Rand’s SEO session is available on YouTube.

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