ZumoDrive – Online Backup and Sync Service

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 12, 2010

ZumoDrive is both an online backup service as well as a file synchronization service that’s available for Mac, Windows and Linux machines. With ZumoDrive, you can access your media, documents and all other files from any mobile device or another computer.

Backup Folders

ZumoDrive is extraordinary simple, just right click any folder inside Windows Explorer and the contents of that folder will instantly become available on the cloud.

You can also access your folders on an iPhone or an Android device through apps.

Restore Files from Backup

If you would like to restore a file that you have deleted locally, you can find of copy of that in the recycle bin available on ZumoDrive.com. You can also download your folders as a zip file on any computer.

ZumoDrive uses the very reliable Amazon S3 service to store your data in the cloud. It also keeps track of all your previous versions of a file.

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