Xplorer2 – This File Browser Is Better Than Your Windows Explorer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 6, 2008

Xplorer2 is a Windows Explorer like desktop file manager with some very unique features. Here are five quick reasons why you would love to use xplorer2 –

  • Dual Pane – Great for moving or copying files from one pane to another.
  • Tabs – Useful to have 10 different folders open at once (see image).
  • Instant Preview – Preview most text, graphics, audio/video, and html & office documents.
  • Visual Filter – View files which match a certain pattern (*.txt) in a folder.
  • Find Text in files – Highlight files which contain certain text in them.

windows epxlorer replacement 

You can download the lite version of xplorer2 – it is free for private and academic use. A portable version of xplorer2 is also available – the unofficial version is free while the official one is note.

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