WordPress 2.7 Release Scheduled for Nov. 10th

The next release of WordPress.org and WordPress.com – WordPress 2.7 – is scheduled to release on November 10, 2008.

March 10, 2011

wordpress 2.7My WordPress dashboard keeps reminding me to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress 2.6.2 but I am holding off because WordPress 2.7 is expected sometime early next month.

The WordPress roadmap says that version 2.7 release is planned for November 10, 2008 and now there’s a “not so official” WordPress Upgrade party on the same day at CubeSpace to celebrate the launch of 2.7.

That may be a strong hint that WordPress 2.7 release may go as per schedule. Go here to see a list of all features that are expected to be part of WordPress 2.7 or check this detailed review of what’s coming next in WordPress 2.7.

*This screen capture shows the new navigation panel of WordPress 2.7 – courtesy Jane.