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photoshop mobile Photoshop.com is a Flickr like service from Adobe. You can use this place to upload photos (the limit is 2GB for free accounts) and there’s a built-in image editor for enhancing and tweaking pictures.

The image editor earlier launched as Photoshop Express but is now integrated into the main Photoshop.com site.

Adobe Photoshop Mobile

Today, Adobe is adding a new member to their expanding Photoshop family called Photoshop Mobile – this is a downloadable app that lets you upload as well view photos on Photoshop.com from a mobile phone. There’re no photo editing features yet.

Photoshop mobile (type m.photoshop.com in your mobile browser) is currently available for only some Windows Mobile phones including Moto Q, Palm Treo and Samsung Blackjak.

If your phone is not supported by the Photoshop mobile app, there’s a nice alternative – just download the shozu client as it now works with photoshop.com in addition to other photo sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, etc.

All Photoshop.com accounts also get an easy-to-remember URL (e.g., labnol.photoshop.com) where they can share public photos with the world.

Published in: Adobe Photoshop - upload

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