Windows Vista Reliability Index: How Stable Is Your PC With Vista?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 8, 2008

Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor is a useful utility inside Windows Vista that helps you analyze the performance of your Vista machine over time.


You get to know about hardware devices and software programs that are creating problems on your system or causing the machine to shut down unexpectedly.

When my Vista machine was new, the reliability index was an impressive 8 but after four months of extensive use, the score has come down to 1.07. Maybe that’s because I extensively use applications that are still in early beta or even alpha stages.

So what is the reliability index* of your Vista machine ? Put that score in the form below and hit submit.

*To view your Vista Reliability Index, type perfmon in the Windows Run dialog. Next switch to the Reliability Monitor under Monitory Tools and note the score.

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