Do Not Disable Windows Vista Search Indexer, Get This Fix

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 24, 2008

“Windows Vista Search Indexer has stopped working” – do you see this error message too often on your Windows Vista computer ?

windows search indexer error

Earlier, Microsoft suggested deleting all search index related files and rebuilding the Vista search index from scratch but that option didn’t work for many Windows Vista users.  The error would pop every 10 minutes and the search application would then close itself.

It was very frustrating. A possible workaround was to completely disable the Windows Search indexing service but again, this is not a practical solution because with desktop search turned off, how would you find Outlook emails or files on the Vista computer.

Now the good news is that Microsoft has finally released a small patch that updates Windows Search Indexer (SearchIndexer.exe) and should cure the problem permanently. Here’s a direct link incase you like to skip the mandatory Windows validation check.

I am yet to reboot the Vista PC after installing this kb952093 hotfix so am not too sure how well this fix for Windows Vista Search works.

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