FeedDemon vs Online RSS Readers – Round II

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 15, 2008

feeddemon or google reader Last week, we wrote ten advantages of using FeedDemon over Google Reader. Some readers however complained that it was an unfair comparison because Google Reader is free while FeedDemon costs $30.

It was such a beautiful coincidence because the next day, FeedDemon 2.6 was released as a free software so that further tilted the scales in favor of FeedDemon.

If you are still not convinced, Nick shares some more reasons for choosing a desktop reader over web based newsreaders like Google Reader and Bloglines:

1. Secure Feeds – Most web-based readers can’t subscribe to secure feeds (RSS feeds that require a password – like the Gmail Inbox feed).

2. Offline Reading – FeedDemon doesn’t just download your articles so you can read them offline – it can also prefetch the images they contain and the pages they link to, enabling you to browse the web without an Internet connection

The only advantage of using a web reader is that you can access your feeds from multiple computers without having to install any software.

But consider this – Newsgator has special clients for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and the iPhone. And Mac users can get NetNewsWire which is also free and quite powerful.

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