Installing XP On a Pre-Installed Windows Vista Computer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 4, 2007

windows xp vista logo DI reader Suresh Telu has a Lenovo laptop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home edition.

He plans to install Windows XP on the computer but wiping off Vista completely may void the laptop warranty.

Suresh is therefore looking for an alternate solution where he can install and dual boot Windows XP alongside Windows Vista.

It is possible but before you install Windows XP over pre-installed Vista, here are some important points to consider:

1. You should have a licensed copy of Windows XP.

2. Read your warranty document carefully or consult the customer care to make sure that warranty remains valid when you install a second OS on your computer.

3. You’ll need to create a separate partition (or overwrite an existing one) for installing XP . Make sure there’s enough space on the hard drive.

Now head over to PronetWorks and HowToGeek for a detailed guide on installing Windows XP on your pre-installed Vista laptop. It’s a bit geeky method but nicely illustrated at both the places.

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