Too Busy for Chat? Set Your Online Status in Google Talk As Idle

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 20, 2008

google talk do not disturbImagine a scenario where you are logged into Google Talk but don’t want friends to know about your online status.

That sounds tough because Google Talk is an extremely honest application and will show you "idle" only if you do not use the computer for at least 10 minutes.

gtalk status Move the mouse or press any key and your GTalk friends will instantly know that you are around because that yellow ball next to your name will turn green.

There is however a simple workaround – download a free utility called galwaysidle and manually set your Google Talk status as "idle" even when you have not stepped away from the computer.

Your IM friends will assume that you are not in front of the computer and are therefore less likely to ping you.

And when you want to come out of this hideout to show your true online status, either shut down the galwaysidle utility or just switch to the "never idle" mode.

This program is developed by an ex-Microsoft manager. (for Windows XP/Vista) Thanks Sudhakar.

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