A Transparent Lock for your Windows Computer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 27, 2011

This looks like a regular desktop but it’s actually locked. Surprised? Read on..

clear windows lock

Before leaving the desk, you can quickly lock your computer using the “Windows logo key + L” shortcut and that will prevent anyone else from using the system in your absence.

However, if you have programs running on your computer that you want others to see while you are away but without giving them access to the system, try Clearlock.

This is tiny Windows utility that will also lock your computer but adds a transparent layer to your desktop screen. That means people can view what happening on the desktop but they can’t use it unless they have a password.

To get started, launch Clearlock (it emits an irritating sound the first time you run it), give a password and your screen /computer gets locked. The password box will also disappear in the next few seconds.

This utility will also come handy if you have placed your computer at a public place (like a kiosk) and its playing some presentation in a loop – the passersby can watch the presentation but won’t be able to mess with the workstation even if you are away for lunch. You can also use it to protect your system from kids at home.

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