Take Notes on the Desktop and Email Them to Yourself with Scribbly

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 2, 2009
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Sribbly is a nice note taking application that sits in your system tray and lets you quickly jot down notes, to-do lists, ideas and any other text-based information that you may want to remember later.

While writing notes, you can click the timer icon in the Scribbly window to add the current time and date in your notes. Or hit the Escape key on your keyboard and application will automatically hide itself.

The feature-set is limited but what I like most about Scribbly is that you can email youself all the notes with a click (see that message icon). You just have to specify your email address at the time of installation and there’s no other configuration required.

Scribbly is available as a free download on Adobe Marketplace  and since its based on Adobe AIR, you can use it for capturing /emailing notes on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

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