SugarSync for Online File Backup

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 1, 2010

SugarSync offers a convenient way to backup your computer files and folders online and you can also access them from other computers. You can use SugarSync on any Mac or Windows computer.

File Manager

A: The SugarSync Manager is a small application that you can download on to your Mac or Windows PC to backup your files and folders online.

The SugarSync Manager directly monitors your file system and automatically picks up changes as you make them. Your files are backed up online, accessible from the SugarSync website and also from other computers that have the SugarSync client.

Select Folders for Backup

B: To get started, you need to select the various folders that you would like to back up and access through SugarSync. It is also possible to exclude certain sub-folders from the main folder.

Every time you make changes to the files you have synced, they are instantly backed up. SugarSync automatically backs up the last 5 versions of a synced file.  Only the current version of a file counts against your storage quota.  File versions can be both viewed and restored from the SugarSync website.

Remote Access Backups

C: With SugarSync, you can access all the files you’ve backed up from any web browser or your smartphone. SugarSync offers apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile device or you can visit their mobile optimized website to access files from any other mobile browser.

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