How to Push Web Pages from the Desktop to your Nokia Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 13, 2011

The cab is waiting outside your home but before you shut down that desktop computer, you would like to send links of all the open tabs from the browser   to your mobile phone so that you can read the same web pages on the go.

There are quite a few browser extensions that can help you do this with a click. There’s   Chrome to Phone that will push the page URL from your desktop to your Android Phone with a click. Then there’s Site to Phone that can help you send links from any desktop browser to any smartphone while iPhone users can make use of Prowl to push stuff from a Mac or PC to their iOS device.

More recently, Nokia introduced a similar app called Nokia Drop to help you push content from the desktop browser to your Nokia mobile phone with a click. See video demo:

To get started, you install the Nokia Drop app on your mobile phone and then install the browser extensions that are available for both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Now if you are send an image from the desktop to your phone for setting as a wallpaper*, simply right-click the picture on the desktop and it will push to your phone without requiring Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any cable (see screenshot).

Nokia Drop is available as a free download for S60 and Symbian^3 devices. If you phone model is not supported, you can still use the previously mentioned “Site to Phone” tool to push text content from the desktop to the mobile phone.

[*] On a related note, here’s an easier way to find mobile wallpapers that match exactly the resolution of your mobile screen.

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