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There are dozens of online invoicing tools out there that can help freelancers and businesses quickly generate invoices for their clients – some of these apps can even track the status of payments made against the invoice.

The workflow is nearly paperless – you create an invoice on the computer and the system will send it to your client via email.

Now this works just fine in most cases but sometimes you may have customers who haven’t gone digital yet. These customers still prefer receiving paper bills and invoices in mailboxes and their preferred mode of payment is often the printed cheque.

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Send Printed Invoices Anywhere in the World

If your business comes in the latter category where you need to send printed paper invoices to clients every month but lack the manpower, Zoho Invoice has something interesting to offer you.

You can now outsource all your invoicing related back office work to Zoho and they’ll happily print and post the invoices to your clients for a small fee.

The system works something like this. You create invoices online in your web browser as before and Zoho will do the rest – they’ll print the invoice on paper, put it in an envelope, add the necessary postage and will post it to your client’s address via snail mail. You need to pay $1 for an invoice that is meant for delivery in the US while an international invoice will cost $2.

Your invoice will also have a return envelope so that the client can directly send you the payment via postal mail again. Considering all these facilities, I would say the price is quite reasonable.

Published in: business - zoho

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