The Problem with Apple Software Updates

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 24, 2009

On 09/09/09, Apple released iTunes 9.0. The software had a beautiful UI but it was a little buggy as it would hang every time I tried searching for a podcast show on the iTunes store.

itunes installer

Twelve days later, Apple released a new version of iTunes – iTunes 9.0.1 – that, they say, will fix the iTune store related issues. This is not a small patch as you’ll have to download the full 100 MB installer again in order to fix your existing copy of iTunes.

Now that’s OK but the real problem with this whole software upgrade process is that Apple tries to push products on your system that you don’t require.

For instance, when I clicked the "Download iTunes" button inside the iTunes application, it opened another dialog box that offered me to install Safari, an iPhone utility and MobileMe Control Panel (?) on my Windows computer.

These could be useful software for iPhone users or Mobile Me subscribers but for someone like me, who neither uses an iPhone nor the Mobile Me service, these options are completely useless.

apple software installer

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