Useful PowerPoint Presentation Tips by Seth Godin

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 8, 2008
keynote slides
Steve Jobs rarely uses complete sentences in his Keynote presentation slides. Credit: Wired

Seth Godin offers some great tips on preparing PowerPoint presentations that will leave an impact on your audience. Favorite picks:

1. Here’s the deal: You should have to put $5 into the coffee fund for every single word on the wordiest slide in your deck. 400 words costs $2000. If that were true, would you use fewer words? A lot fewer? If you have bullets, please, please, please only use one word in each bullet. Two if you have to. Three never.

2. If people are live-blogging, twittering or writing down what you’re saying, I wonder if your presentation is everything it could be. After all, you could have saved everyone the trouble and just blogged it/note-taken it for them, right?  (hint: bullets demand note-taking. The minute you put bullets on the screen, you are announcing, "write this down, but don’t really pay attention now.")

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