Take Notes In Google Notebook Without Installing Extensions

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 19, 2007

Google has made it extremely easy for you to write notes in Google Notebook when using the Google web search engine.

And you don’t have to leave the Google site to view clippings that are already saved in Google Notebook – just click the “My Notebooks” link located in the Google menu bar and your notes will appear on the same web in a popup window.

google notebook windows

Earlier you had to install a separate Google Notebook browser extension for clipping information from web pages but with the recent update, Google Notebook opens up as small pop-up window in the bottom right corner of the web browser.

If you are logged into your Google Account, search results on Google.com can be directly saved to Google Notebook by hitting the “note this” link next to URL of the search result. When you do this, a small notebook window pops-up (see screenshot) allowing you to add more commentary to the text note.

Other that writing new notes, you can also organize your Google Notebook inside this tiny popup window – you can move notes across sections, create new sections and more.

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