Google Media Server Streams Content from Computer to the TV

Access videos, music, and photos stored on your PC on the TV using Google Media Center with Google Desktop.

June 26, 2008

google-media-server Google Media Center is a free Windows-only software that lets you stream photos, videos and music from the computer on to your TV.

This requires a Universal Plug and Play compatible device like an Xbox or Playstation gaming console, set-top box or a photo frame like the Kodak EasyShare.


Google Media Server will auto-discover any UPnP device that’s connected to your computer. You can also pick content (like desktop folders, Picasa photo galleries, etc) that should become available to that device.

Here’s a screenshot of Google Media Center admin panel that is available as a Google Desktop gadget. (You therefore need Google Desktop to install Google Media Server.)


Google Media Server – also check out the Google Desktop blog. In case you get an opportunity to test Google Media Server, do share your feedback in the comments.