Set and Receive Task Reminders in Google Talk with Twitter Timer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 10, 2007

twitter google talkThis is strictly for Twitter fans. Did you know that you can create and receive event reminders in Google Talk through twitter.

1. If you are using Twitter with Google Talk for the first time, add to your Google Talk friends list.

2. Start a new chat window with Twitter and type “FOLLOW timer” – this adds the Twitter Timer bot to your Twitter list.

Now say you have to picks your kids from school after 40 minutes and would prefer a reminder on Google Talk (or your mobile phone SMS).

Type “d timer 40 pick up kids” in the Google Talk window. Twitter will then automatically send you a reminder at that time (via IM, email message or text SMS).

Nothing earth shaking but it’s always good to know alternate (and productive) uses of software that we are using. For more twitter hacks and tricks, visit the excellent Twitter guide by Caroline.

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