Colored Highlighter Pens for Marking Web Pages in Firefox

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 7, 2008

Wired Marker is like a collection of highlighter pens for marking web pages inside Firefox.

highlight web pages

You can use Wired Marker to highlight text, images or any other portion of a web page and the information get saved locally along with the URL of the page.

Here are a few reasons why Wired Marker scores over most other scrapbook extensions:

a. When you highlight a page, the exact position of that text is also recorded so the next time you open that page, Wired Marker will automatically highlight the same portions again.

color code scroll bar

b. If a page includes several blocks of highlighted text, you can still easily navigate through the pages using a color coded vertical scroll bar as shown above.

c. If you aren’t too happy with the default markers, there’s an option to create your own custom pens.

create custom pens

Wired Marker – The extension is developed in Japan as part of a government sponsored project. Give it a try.

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