Read Blog Feeds Like a Magazine with Opera 9.6

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 8, 2008

operaOpera 9.6 is just out and this browser will completely change the way you read feeds. It turns the default feed of any website into a multi-column magazine layout that is not just beautiful but makes reading content a pleasure.

For instance, here’s how the default feed of Techmeme will appear inside Opera 9.6. The wider your screen, the more columns you’ll have.


And here’s another example that uses the DI feed.


This layout is from Twitter Timeline.


The Opera 9.6 layout for feeds is especially convenient for viewing Flickr photostreams.


The layout design and view is so beautiful that I am sure it will inspire some blog themes in the coming days. Also check this detailed review of Opera 9.5.

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