Norton Internet Security 2009 Review

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 18, 2008

Walt of WSJ review Norton Internet Security 2009, the new security and antivirus software from Symantec.  Excerpts:

"Norton Internet Security 2009 suite has browser toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox that warns against fake and malicious Web pages, and that can securely enter your passwords and other information on Web sites. It also has an anti-spam feature for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

File scanning is also much faster, partly because the new suite has a feature called Insight that allows it to skip the scanning and rescanning of many of your files. Insight gathers information about your installed programs and compares them against a list of programs Symantec knows are "trusted," through either its own research or through scanning results voluntarily submitted by other users. These trusted programs are then exempted from future scans, saving a ton of time. Link.

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