Bubbles – A Better Lock Screen for your Nokia Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 4, 2011

The standard lock screen of most touchscreen based mobile phones have a slider that you have to move in one particular direction to unlock the phone. Some phones require you to draw an unlock pattern every time you wake up the device from sleep mode.

Nokia is experimenting with a slightly different kind of lock screen for their Symbian^3 phones that will help you do things a bit faster. See demo:

Nokia’s new lock screen, called Bubbles, features shortcuts to apps trapped inside bubbles which bounce around your phone’s screen . These bubbles could be shortcuts to your phone’s call log, to the FM radio, the music player or your text messages.

To unlock the phone, you simply have to grab the right bubble and drag it to a drop point to launch the corresponding app. Missed calls and new text message have their own bubbles.

Visit Nokia Labs to download a copy of Bubbles for your Nokia phone.

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