Get a Moleskine Notebook for your iPad and iPhone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 19, 2011

The Moleskine brand is popular around the world for their classic paper notebooks that have become almost synonymous with note-taking, writing, sketching and other creative tasks. Some people are such big fans of these notebooks that they would even wrap their Kindles and iPads inside a Moleskine case.

The company has also launched a free Moleskine app to help you capture notes and sketches on your iPhone and iPad but inside the familiar Moleskine-style.

You can pick different colors for the cover of your Moleskine notebook and the format of notebook pages can also be changed to either ruled, grid or plain. You can write on pages using the onscreen keyboard or do freehand sketching. It is also possible to embed images from the photo library directly into your notebook pages.

The Moleskine app for iPhone /iPad supports geo-tagging as well allowing you to attach location details to your journal entries. Unlike the physical Moleskine notebook, you’ll never run out of pages here and you may also share your notebook entries with friends over email, Twitter and Facebook from the app itself.

Moleskine iPad

Overall, a neat app but with plenty of room for improvement. For instance, you can only write in portrait mode at this time and there’s no option to sync notes / sketches between your iOS device and your computer or between multiple iOS devices.

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