Save Missed Calls to Google Tasks with [Android]

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 16, 2012 is my favorite task manager for mobile. It is currently available for Android phones only but they are working on an iPhone app and also a web-based version that should make it available to all the other mobile platforms. has a beautiful UI with large fonts and there’s voice input so you can add new tasks by speaking instead of typing on that small keyboard. My favorite feature though is the app’s integration with Google Tasks. can sync your task list with Gmail both ways so you always have access to your tasks.

missed_call google task

Add Missed Calls to your Pending Tasks List

The new version of’s Android app adds another interesting feature.

If there’s a missed call on your mobile phone and you are too busy to return the call at that time, you can quickly add it to your pending task list with a simple click. Thus, you would remember to call that person and since synchronizes with Google Tasks, all your missed call notifications would also be available inside Gmail.

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