Microsoft Hiring Windows Gurus To Explain Vista Advantages In Retail Stores

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 23, 2008

windows gurus "Do your friends and family turn to you when they want to learn more about their PCs? In your free time, do you turn to your PC for fun — or just to create or learn something new? "

If you are a Windows Guru or a tech enthusiast and based in the US, Microsoft may be interested in hiring you.

Called Windows Retail Live, this is a new and slightly unique job position at Microsoft where you’ll be required to help retail stores like Best Buy and Circuit City sell Windows based computers and also arrange how-to trainings and workshops for customers.

When I first read about this "Windows Guru" position, I though Microsoft was building their own Geek Squad style team but this is more about convincing customers to buy PCs and not related to fixing or troubleshooting problems.

These Windows gurus are not ‘official’ employees but are recruited and trained by Microsoft. They even ask in the application form whether you have a blog.

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