Stop Typing, Start Dictating Emails on your iPhone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 14, 2011

Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (the world’s most popular voice recognition software), have released a new iPhone App that lets you dictate emails, blog posts, SMS text messages or any other text straight into your iPhone without having to use the keyboard.

Voice Recognition App for iPhone

iphone voice recognition app

Called Dragon Dictation, this voice recognition app for your iPhone sports a minimal interface. Just tap the screen and start dictating. Your speech will be recorded and transcribed into text that you can then send as an SMS, email or copy it to the iPhone clipboard and paste into any other iPhone application.

The Dragon Dictation app is available on the iTunes store as a free download for a limited time but only in the US store. That means you’ll not be able to use the Dragon application if your iTunes account is associated with a non-US address.

Here’s a video demo on how to use Dragon Dictation.

To correct any dictated text, you can either top on a word to get a drop-down list of alternative suggestions or you can tap the keyboard icon on the bottom left corner and use the standard iPhone text editing feature.

The voice transcription happens on Nuance servers (and not on your phone) so you’ll need an active Wi-Fi or 3G data connection to send your recorded voice and receive transcribed text back from Nuance.

Dragon Dictation is available for original iPhone 2G, 3G and the latest iPhone 3Gs but your phone must be running at least iPhone OS 3.1.

The company is also working on a separate voice recognition app for search that will let you search Google, Bing, and other search engines using voice commands. The Google mobile app for iPhone too includes voice recognition capabilities but with Dragon Search, you’ll be able to search multiple places in one go include YouTube and Twitter.

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