Internet Explorer 6 – Not as Unpopular as you Might Think!

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 4, 2011

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 6 some 10 years ago around the same time as Windows XP. Lot has changed in the browser world since then but IE 6, the most criticized browser of all times, refuses to go away.

Internet Explorer 6 Usage

According to recent data from Net Applications, one-third of all Internet users in China still rely on Internet Explorer 6 to go online while in South Korea, IE 6 market-share is as has as ~25%. Overall, IE 6 is used by 12% users world-wide.

A World free of Internet Explorer 6

In a bid to encourage IE 6 users migrate to modern browsers, Microsoft has put up a new website – – where you can watch the current usage of IE6 in different parts of the world.

The site also provides a line of code that you may add to your website template and if there’s site visitor using IE6, they’ll be shown a message to upgrade to the latest version of IE.

Update: Microsoft’s #ie6countdown campaign will suggest only Internet Explorer to your iE 6 but if you would like to give them more choice, use this browser detection code instead. Here, your site visitors will get to choose between all the modern browsers and not just IE.

browser choices

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