Add Grammar Checking to Windows Live Writer with After the Deadline

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 6, 2011

It is impossible not to make mistakes while typing but fortunately, blogging tools like Windows Live Writer do have a built-in spell-checker to help you avoid those embarrassing spelling mistakes before you publish an article on to the web.

But spell checkers fix only half the problem. How do you check your sentences for grammatical errors? There’s another problem – the spelling of a word may be correct but not so in a given context (for a spell-checker, both “loose” and “lose” are correct).

blogging and grammar

After the Deadline for Windows Live Writer

After The Deadline is one such useful online tool that can check your text for both spelling and grammar related errors. It is offered as a web service but there are extensions for Chrome, Firefox and WordPress to help you perform grammar and spell checking on any website from the browser itself.

If you however prefer writing your blog posts offline using Window Live Writer, you can make use of this simple plugin to proofread your drafts for any errors using After the Deadline’s online service but from within Live Writer itself.

To get started, simply download and install the MSI file from the Downloads page. Once ATD is installed, you will find a new “Grammar Checker” option inside your Live Writer (see the screenshot above). Now all you have to do is select one or more sentences from your draft past and hit the checker button.

Behind the scenes, this plugin makes a plain-text request to over HTTP and thus, because of GET request limitations, you cannot send your entire 20,000 word story for grammar checking in one go. In that case, the web based version of After The Deadline, available at, could be a better choice.

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