FeedDemon 3.0 adds Google Reader Synchronization

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 29, 2009

FeedDemon has finally added synchronization support for Google Reader. That means you can now read feeds on the desktop with FeedDemon but can continue using Google Reader as your online feed reader.

google reader import

To enable Google Reader sync in your copy of FeedDemon, head over to the FeedDemon Beta site and download* the latest version of the software.

If you already use FeedDemon, you first need to move your RSS feed subscriptions from Newsgator to Google Reader and this can done via Tools | Synchronization Options | Advanced | Convert Now.  The conversion will take a couple of minutes to complete and then you will be able to read all FeedDemon feeds inside your online Google Reader account.

synchronize with Google Reader

Power users can easily map their Google Reader keyboard shortcuts to FeedDemon and for starring an item in Google Reader, just toggle the "Follow Up" flag in FD.

This is all exciting stuff and the synchronization speed is fairly good but it’s still a beta software and there are bugs – in one instance, FeedDemon marked all my unread items as read while syncing with Google Reader. Luckily, these items were still available in my Newsgator Online account so I didn’t lose anything.

*Before installing the new release, I suggest that you export an OPML of your FeedDemon subscriptions in case something goes wrong during the sync process.

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