Give PowerPoint Presentations with pptPlex and Impress Audience

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 18, 2008

Imagine if you could arrange all slides from a PowerPoint presentation onto a large canvas and then use pan and zoom controls to navigate from one slide to another.

PowerPoint Style

This unique presentation style will leave any audience impressed and you can achieve it very easily with pptPlex, a free add-in for PowerPoint 2007 released at Office Labs.

When you run a regular PowerPoint slide-show, slides move in a linear horizontal format but with pptPlex, slides can be placed anywhere on the canvas. The add-in will automatically install a nice set of navigation templates through you could easily create your own as well.


You may also think of pptPlex as a version of Deep Zoom Composer made for PowerPoint 2007. Check this screencast demo of pptPlex.

Connect other Office Documents with PowerPoint

With pptPlex, you can insert live content from other Office documents in your PowerPoint presentations.

For instance, if you insert an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document in the PowerPoint slide, their content will be displayed live at the time of presentation. So even if the source document has changed, your presentation will always reflect the updated data.


The only downside is that you require Office 2007 at the time of presentation for this to work.

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