Windows Tip: Find the Day of the Week for any Given Date Very Quickly

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 16, 2009

A question for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users – How can you quickly find the day of the week when you were born without consulting any of the web based date calculators?

You are more likely to open the clock (or “Adjust date and time” module) in your Windows ┬ádesktop and will then navigate to the date for which you have to calculate the day of the week.

windows date calendar

The first step is fine but here’s a tip from PC Mag that will help you jump to specific dates in the Windows Calendar more quickly.

First click the name of the month to view all months of the current year, then click the year to view the last ten years and finally click it one more time to view the entire decades. This 30 second screencast video will walk you through all the steps.

While this trick can help you quickly calculate the day of the week for a given date, the limitation is that it only works with dates that are between 1930 and 2069.

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