FeedDemon 3 is now available for Download

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

The final release of FeedDemon 3 is now available for download on bradsoft.com. Here are some good reasons why you should install FeedDemon 3.0 on your Windows PC.

google reader with feeddemonGoogle Reader – FeedDemon 3 can automatically sync your feeds, items tags and shared items with Google Reader.

In simple English, it means that if you read a feed inside Google Reader, it won’t show up as "unread" in FeedDemon and vice-versa. Similarly, if you attach a tag or text note to some item in Google Reader, it would appear in FeedDemon as well.

Twitter Integration – As I have noted before, FeedDemon is awesome twitter client. It can convert short URLs into original links, the hashtags in tweets are automatically converted in smart hyperlinks and you can also reply to particular tweet via FeedDemon.

The best part is that you subscribe to password-protected Twitter Timeline feeds in FeedDemon and this is something you cannot do in Google Reader.

twitter client

Sharing Options – FeedDemon 3 includes more beautiful icons and the Share icon will now put that article in your Google Reader’s shared items list.

Alternatively, you may use the "Share with Note" option to add your your own comment to the story before sharing it online.

google reader tags

Search Feeds -  With FeedDemon 3, you can enter a keyword phrase and directly subscribe to search results for the phrase in popular search engines like Twitter, Bing, Techmeme, Flickr, etc.

rss search feeds

Other than these new features and visual enhancements, FeedDemon 3.0 definitely feels faster than the previous version (FeedDemon 2.8).

FeedDemon 3 is free but ad-supported software. You can buy a $10 license via PayPal to get rid of the ads displayed in lower left corner.

feeddemon ads

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